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Sagittarius Tunes : Weekend Vibes

Sending you some tunes to set the tone for a playful and chill weekend. It’s summertime and all we ‘wanna do is have some fun,’ ‘chillin out max and relaxin all cool’ – and evidently create a hodge podge of favorite song lyrics while crafting this post. Enjoy the weekend vibes, friend! Cheers to nothing but good times!

  1. Gemintang Hatiku by Lyodra
    This song is the winning song from Indonesian Idol 2019 / 2020 season. This song have 2 versions, but my favourite is Lyodra’s version. this song is slow and sweet, and it’s about falling in love with someone.
  2. Jendela Waktu by Andien
    This song is written by Yovie Widianto and Andi Rianto, performed by Andien. This song is about farewell as an inevitable moment in our life, but instead of being sad, just embrace the pain and feelings that arise from it.
  3. Mata – Mata Harimu by Ziva Magnolya
    Mata – mata harimu performed by Ziva Magnolya is about secretly falling in love with someone else by being a secret admirer.
  4. Tentang Kamu by Lyodra
    Another favorite song. This song tells the story of a girl that love her sister and didn’t want to lose her.
  5. Hoolala by Yura Yunita
    This song is written and performed by Yura Yunita. The word ‘hoolala’ comes from a Hawaiian term meaning to save. This song is one of my mantra to bring out my self – confidence and love myself.
  6. Reflection by Christina Aguilera (from Mulan)
    This is one of my favourite songs from Disney’s Mulan. This song tells us to be ourselves, be a fighter and defend the truth – even in the face of fear, self-doubts, and backlash.
  7. Back to December by Taylor Swift
    One of my favorite song by Taylor Swift. This song is about her relationship with Taylor Lautner. She says in the song that all through the summer they were close friends and enjoyed some good times together and when it came to fall she realised she was in love with him. However in winter she starts to have doubts, and when he comes and gives his love to her, she simply rejects him. She’s looking back on it now and regretting her decision. She is talking to him and trying to ask for his forgiveness and also wondering whether they could ever be together again.
  8. Gravity by Sara Bareilles
    Gravity is a haunting ballad about returning to a person over and over again. This song is about that first real heartbreak where you’re like, ‘I don’t think I’m gonna ever get over this,’ then of course eventually you do.
  9. Rewrite the Stars by Zac Efron & Zendaya (From the Greatest Showman)
    This song is one of my favourite songs from The Greatest Showman soundtrack. This song tells the tale of a sad, ill-fated romance. The two lovers (Phillip Carlyle & Anne Wheeler) wants each other very much. However, there are many ‘mountainous’ obstacles for them. Indeed things have reached a point where it seems that fate itself is against them. But this leads to them questioning if they have the ability to ‘rewrite the stars?’ In other words, what will happen if they fight against all of these obstacles and claim the destiny they want for themselves?


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