Selfie Tips

Hi all! ♡
Isn’t it seriously the worst when you take about 900 selfies and only 1 of them is actually Insta-worthy? YUP, THE WORST. These are my tips that will help you get the perfect pic every single time.

How to Slay A Selfie

Find your light
You always want the light source to be facing you, not coming from behind you. Natural light is best, but if I’m indoors I’ll try a few different spots around the room to see where the most selfie-friendly area is. If you’re totally psycho like I am, get a ring light!

Optimal angles and frame
Hold your phone above and away from your face at a 45 degree(ish) angle. This is my go-to angle for a selfie and it’s flattering AF. If the phone is underneath you, the “double-chin” is so very apparent. Also, always use the square shooting mode on your iPhone so your picture is the perfect size ratio for Instagram every time.

A visually appealing background helps with my Instagram aesthetic and just overall quality of the image. While you might not be as insane about your page aesthetic, nobody wants to see your messy bedroom behind you! It’s not cute and it takes the focus away from your gorgeous face! When in doubt, a blank wall is always a good choice.

Finger grips
Finger grips are similar to popsockets, but I prefer using finger grips on my phone. it makes holding my phone SO much easier so I can try lots of different angles and poses without having anxiety that I’m going to shatter the screen.

Seeing as your selfie is just from the chest up, wearing a pair of statement earrings or a necklace will just make the photo much more interesting.

Double Check
There are two things I always check for before I take a selfie. One of them is hair, having a few strands splayed across my neck is just distracting AF. The clasp on my necklace is another one, gotta make sure it’s hidden away.

It is very easy to tell when I’m not relaxed in a photo. My shoulders are all tensed up literally touching my ears and there is something in my eyes that just comes across as “help, I fucking hate my life”. SO, Take a deep breath, roll your shoulders back and down, and smize!

I’ve watched every single season of America’s Next Top Model and Tyra Banks has taught me well. Smile with your god damn eyes! The easiest way to smize is to think about a memory, person, or really any situation that makes you feel happy, sexy, or whatever sort of mood/feeling you want the photo to have. Really try to immerse yourself in that feeling and let it show through your eyes.

What are your top selfie tips? let me know in the comments below!


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