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Australian Journal Day 42 & 43 : Monash Winterfest

Hi all!♡
How are you?

In the last week, Monash University had the annual Winterfest in Clayton and Caulfield campuses. In Caulfield alone, they have the arcade games and sweet hub inside the Caulfield dome which is located at the Campus Green.

WinterFest Arcade Games

The first one is the winterfest arcade games. basically, the Caulfield Campus dome is turned to be a game arena where we can play the earliest video games until the latest one. they even have some gaming tournaments in this event. I also meet with several friends but I didn’t play any games, as my gaming days is over 😦

Sweet Hub!



Honestly speaking, my favourite event during  Monash’s WinterFest is the sweet hub, because I love sweet foods, and there was so many to choose from. in the end, I ate ice cream, mini biscuits, candies, marshmallows, cotton candy, donut and iced chocolate. It was so yummy, hehehe.

What a great WinterFest!
I Can’t wait for this year’s SummerFest and next year’s Winterfest!

your one and only,


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