Fashion Trend Alert : Flower Crowns

Hi all! ♡

A big trend of early 2017 has been flower crowns. It is recently reintroduced in Paris Couture Week, just in time for festival season, and Summer hitting the Northern Hemisphere. Flower crowns are a Summer hit, combining fun florals with headbands.

While their trend presence has been somewhat lacking in the past few years, Rodarte’s Spring 2018 collection featured floral crowns designed by Kate and Laura Mulleavy. The whole collection carried an inherent floral theme, as well as the realistically detailed crowns coupling the couture perfectly.


What kind of outfit can you wear a flower crown  with? 
Literally anything, which makes a flower crown so great. for me, I love to wear mine with a summer dress.

How much can you buy them for?
Anywhere from $5- $1,000+. The good thing about a flower crown is that you can find really inexpensive ones at your favourite stores, such as Forever 21 or Lovisa, or you can find some high end quality at bohemian stores or market.

It seems that a lot of old fashion trends make their way back to popularity, but do you think this fashion statement should have stayed in the past?


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