My Favorite Art : Music!

Music, an art like no other! When listening, music can really “speak to your soul”, but, have you ever thought about what happens when you play?

This brings me to my real point, playing music means you can be the music.Fortunately in the world we live in learning how to “be the music” is easy! There are thousands of  free sheet music websites, tutorials and even programs at your disposal. Yes, that means you have almost no excuse to not.

Why play when I can listen?
Can you change the tempo, style chords, or lyrics in an instant when listening to music? I hate to break it to you, but no. It’s simple, when you play you have control. Control regarding the fact you can play adante, fortissimo, mezzopiano, eccentric or even instrumental!

Playing music is one of the best feelings ever, but in saying that, don’t worry if you can’t! Instead go appreciate those who can, live is always good for a jive! I am playing piano and violin, and sometimes playing music instruments is a good way for your stress release.

 Do you play an instrument?

Unlimited love form your brightest star,


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