Broken Friendship.

You used me.
You used me for your own benefit.
I thought you were my best friend..
until you used me and my family.

You got the best of me,
while stupidly,
I kept letting you make a fool out of me.
You made fool out of me,
only for your own benefit.
How could you did this to me and my family?

I thought, our friendship was real.
I thought, I can trust you..
But, the reality says otherwise.
The reality opened my eyes and my heart.

At first…
I thought, I’m lucky to have you
As one of my best friend.
But now, after all happened between us..
I can’t say you’re one of my best friend again.

You betrayed my trust.
And, I thought, its better that
our friendship is over.
How could I be so stupid?
I thought I was good in loving myself.
How could I be so stupid?
Trusting and being friends with
someone who didn’t regard me as a friend.

Now I am moving on,
And you’ll keep going down.
Spiralling down as a traitor in the face of an angel.
While i’ll shine cos i’m going for the stars.

Now it’s my time to close the book of our friendship.
Now it’s my time to keep moving forward.
You got me. You betrayed me.
I’m sad. And hurt.
Yes, finally I’ve opened my eyes.
I’ve known who you truly are.

Melbourne, July 23rd, 2017.
Your brightest star,


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