Fashion Inspiration : Feminine Sporty Look

Hi all! ♡
Welcome to another fashion post in my blog. Today I’ll be talking about sporty style with a touch of pastel colours that creates cute and feminine sporty look.

Sporty style that had become a hits in recent years seems still popular in 2017. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid still often appear to the public with a super trendy sporty style! But the sporty style with pastel colors is something different that we should try.

This feminine sporty look trend originates from Korea, which they love to combine pastel-colored sweatshirt with mini skirts, matching hats and sneakers to create a super-cute sporty feminine style that’s perfect for doing your favourite sport or hanging out with friends.
Here’s the inspiration!


Look #1
psl 1

For this look, you can combine your pastel-colored varsity jacket with your tennis dress then wear your favourite sneakers with matching colors.

Look #2

psl 2

combine your pastel-colored sweatshirt with your favourite pair of jeans. complement the look with your pastel-colored hat and pair of neutral-colored sneakers.

Look #3

psl 3

for this look, combine your pastel-colored sweatshirt with pleated midi skirt, then wear your neutral-colored sneakers. to complement the look, add a neutral-colored hat and backpack.

Look #4

psl 4

My favourite look. Combine your neutral-colored sweatshirt with pastel-coloured pleated skirt, then wear your pair of neutral-colored canvas sneakers. add a pastel-coloured hat to complement the look. super cute!

Look #5

psl 5

for this cute but boyish look, wear your pastel-colored t-shirt with a neutral-colored overalls, then wear your platform shoes and add a neutral-colored backpack to complement the look.

Look #6

psl 6

My another favourite look. for this all-pastel-colored look, combine your sweatshirt or t-shirt with a pair of jeans, then add your neutral-colored jacket. for the shoes, wear your oxford shoes. add sunglasses and backpack to complement your outfit.

Look #7

psl 7

Wear your  pastel-colored striped tee with mini overalls, then add a matching baseball hat. instant cool!

Look #8

psl 8

one of my favourite look. for this look, wear your colorful t-shirt with a high-waisted denim shorts, then wear your pastel-colored jacket as an outerwear. add a sporty headband to complement the look.

From this 8 look, which one is your favourite?

Love from your aurora girl,


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