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Flowers for Thoughts.

Hi, friends!
In today’s post, I’d like to talk about flowers and arts that are inspired by it.

Flowers are one of nature’s many treasures. They’re fragile forms of life we cultivate, cut and connotate with meanings far beyond a plant’s comprehension. A white flower can symbolise purity and innocence, of which, could be juxtaposed by a red flower as connotated with desire. A poppy can symbolise fallen soldiers just as much as it can represent someone who stands tall.
You see, it’s all a matter of interpretation.


Flowers are also muses. Van Gogh and Henri Matisse are two of the millions who have used flowers to inspire art. You see, artists are inspired by parts of life with emotion which they can translate. Artists, designers, writers and sculptors all seek a muse and some of the strongest emotions are dark; caused by trauma or tragedy.

In times of darkness, people seek refuge, and that’s where ‘The Art’s’ come in. Coco Chanel, the fashion icon herself, rose to fame during a time of warfare. In 1914, Coco Chanel designed a revolutionary suit for women (quite unheard of, but greatly representative of the time). If you don’t know, during World War I, while the men were away, women were left to do the men’s laborious jobs. This empowered women everywhere as they could see that they were just as capable as men.

Although we can spend all our energy thinking about the negative sides of life, it helps to switch up our perspective. It takes something dark in order for us to truly appreciate the light.

Your aurora girl,



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