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Your First Anime / Gaming Convention Survival Tips

Hey friends!
The biggest perk of being an otaku or anime lover is the convention. Throughout the year, there will be a number of anime convention in your country or overseas. Going to an anime or gaming convention is fun. are you excited and feeling nervous to your first convention? well, you’ve came to the right place! I will give you some tips and trick to enjoy your first convention. I’ve been to some anime convention in my hometown (Jakarta, Indonesia)  myself, and the last convention I attended was the Hellofest 2014 and AFA ID 2015 in Jakarta, so here are my tips for surviving and enjoying your first convention:

Before the Convention :

  • Do your research and preparation. If the convention is not in your city, first you need to book your flight or bus. then you need to find a hotel for you to stay during the convention. For example, Look for the best deals on travel and hotels, like these Las Vegas travel deals if your convention is in Vegasprint out all of the ticket, including your plane /bus ticket, hotel booking, and your anime convention ticket.
  • Make a checklist for things you need to bring. A checklist  will really help you remember all the things you need to bring so you won’t forget anything else.
  • print out the rundown of the convention with you. with the rundown on your hand, you’ll be able to plan your day and maximise your fun on the convention.

During the Convention :

  • Before going to the convention, fill yourself up. eat before you go to the convention, because you won’t fully enjoy the convention with a hungry tummy. well.. you can find food stalls during the convention, but it’s usually overpriced so it’s best to eat before you go or bring your own food to the convention.
  • Bring just the necessities in your bag. these can include sunglasses, phone, powerbank, purse, dry and wet tissues, and so on. by bringing the necessities in your bag, it won’t be troublesome for you to carry.
  • Have a comfortable bag. for going to a convention, you need a comfortable bag that you can carry for at least 8 hours. during the convention, it will be so troublesome and time-consuming for getting back and forth between your hotel and the convention.
  • wear a comfortable pair of shoes. during the convention, there are so many to see, and you really need a comfortable pair of shoes for all those walking. a pair of sneakers is the best for these kind of convention.
  • set a budget for the shopping. maybe you’re after a Hatsune Miku or Kagamine Rin action figure? or maybe you’re after an anime plushies? go to all the stall to compare prices so you don’t go over budget.  I find it helpful to give yourself a set amount of cash each day and that’s it. Figure out what works for you and stick to your budget.
  • don’t go anywhere with strangers or people you just met. always remember of your own safety.


Have fun and enjoy your day on the convention. you’ll be meeting new people and make friends with people who have the same interest with you, so… have fun and enjoy the convention!

If you’ve been in a convention before and just passing by in this blog, please share your first experience in the comment box below. I wanted to hear your stories. What we’re the most exciting thing you did on your first convention?





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