Chic with Sneakers, Why Not?

Hey friends!
How are you?
Welcome to the first fashion post in my blog… Today’s post is about how to mix and match your outfit with your favourite pair of sneakers. Ready? Here we go!


Autumn – Winter 
For this chic but comfortable  outfit, especially during autumn and winter, pair your sweater with your jeans or leggings with your favourite pair of sneakers. then add your coat as the outerwear. don’t forget to add matching accessories to complement your outfit.


Chic for summer
In summer, try pairing your favourite oversized tank top and your skirt with your sneakers. This outfit will create a simple yet effortless look.


Simple for Autumn Outfit
Pair your oversized sweater and midi skirt with your favourite pair of sneakers. to get the best of this outfit, pick the  matching colour for your outfit and sneakers. Cool!


Cute, yet Simple and Chic Outfit
This is one of my favourite outfit to go with sneakers. Pair your shirt with an overall skirt or pants, then wear your sneakers. add your favourite accessories and  it will make you look cute, yet simple and chic!


LBD (Little Black Dress)
You can never go wrong with an LBD. Pair your LBD with a denim jacket, so it won’t be too formal. then wear your favourite sneakers and don’t forget to add matching accessories like a matching bag and sunglasses.


Semi-formal for Summer
For this simple and semi-formal look, you can pair your floral top with your satin shorts, then add a blazer as an outerwear so it didn’t look too casual. wear your favourite pair of sneakers, and add a bag with a matching colour to complement your outfit.


Mini Dress
These two outfits are my favourite to pair with my sneakers. You can pair your mini dress with either your sweater or denim jacket and your pair of sneakers. don;t forget to add matching accessories to complement your look. simple, effortless yet chic.

There’s all of outfit ideas to match with your pair of sneakers. if you have any ideas, please let me know via comment or contact me!

Your fashion lover girl,


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