Fashion Trend Alert : Chokers!

Hi friends,
A big trend of late 2016 and early 2017 has been chokers. If you are not familiar with what a choker is, it is a tight necklace that you wear close up to your neck; they used to be extremely popular in the mid 90’s. It seems that a lot of old fashion trends make their way back to popularity, but do you think this fashion statement should have stayed in the past?

What do chokers usually look like?
The good thing about a choker is that there are many different types, which makes them perfect for anybody. There are danty chokers, which are my favorite. There are also laced up ones that resemble a dog collar, there are leather and velvet ones, there are even some that look like laces, which you can see in the picture below!


What kind of outfit can you wear a choker with?
Literally anything, which makes a choker so great. For a more bold outfit, I like to tone the look down by wearing a daunty gold choker. For a more basic look, I will pair the outfit with a black, kind of thick, choker.

How much can you buy them for?
Anywhere from $5- $1,000+. The good thing about a choker is that you can find really inexpensive ones at your favorite stores, such as Forever 21, but you can find high end quality at your favorite jewelers. It just depends which type of feel you are going for!

So, should chokers have been left in the past, or are you happy they came back around?! And if you have ideas for my next fashion post, please let me know!


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