For Those Who are Struggling

Growing up can be hard, and today I decided to talk about that- as a person who has been through it and got out the other end okay. I dedicate this to all the people who are struggling with any issue, and I hope you can find something here to help you out!


Problems, Problems…
There are many different situations we can struggle with in our lives. Here are just a few:
– Stressful events
– Mental health issues
– Conflict
– Family problems
– Body image issues
– Unhealthy behaviours
… and many more. If you are finding yourself in the middle of one of these issues (or a different one), here’s what you can do!

Getting Help
If you are younger, you might need to go to a trusted adult for help. You could talk to a parent, guardian, teacher, counsellor, or doctor about what you’re going through! These people will be able to help you through it. If you’re older, you might prefer to go straight to a doctor, counsellor, or ring a hotline yourself instead of talking to a parent first- but it’s still a good idea to have a chat to your family and friends about the issue.

Helping Yourself?
Once you are set up with outside help, you can also do some things to help yourself.
– Practice self care
– Talk to others about the issue and your feelings
– Work on a hobby as a coping strategy
– Ensure you attend any relevant appointments (eg. therapy sessions)

How do you help yourself when you are struggling?
With love,

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