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Stop Bullying, and Spread Positivity!

Hey guys!

Bullying can be an issue in every part of life- online, or offline, for kids and for adults. I try to do a few things to help stop bullying and spread positive messages in our community- and you can join in too!


Spread Positivity
A kinder social media begins with you! One way I like to promote positive messages on social media, especially in my blog is by deliberately taking time out of my day to leave genuine, positive comments in other people’s social media or blog. Maybe you could let someone know why you love their outfit, or maybe you could tell them that the way they helped another people was really kind? Make kindness the centre of every comment you make, and we could make a lot of people feel a lot happier about their time online.

Bullying Watchdogs
When you see anyone bullying another, especially online you have to report it. bullying is an intolerable behaviour, therefore is always okay to report! You can also support the victims of bullying by lending an ear if they need it, and by encouraging them to block and report bullies instead of responding (which can often result in more mean exchanges of words).

Watch Yourself
We all have our own issues, and we all say things we regret. I know I have- I’m not perfect either! If you’re ever feeling bad for any reason, talk to a parent, teacher, or doctor about it to make sure it doesn’t get worse. If you find yourself starting to get upset at someone online, it can be tempting to say mean things- but a better option is to stop, breathe, and maybe shut off the computer for a while. Saying or doing something that could hurt another person is never worth it!

Lots of Love,


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