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Beauty and the Beast (2017) Review

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As I promised in the previous post, today I’m going to review Beauty and the Beast Movie. This movie is a live-action derived from the 1991 cartoon version of Beauty and the Beast movie, with some adjustment and in-depth character development.


For the storyline, it’s still the same with the cartoon version, but the thing that excites me when watching this movie is that the movie is full musical that exposes some of the cast’s singing abilities such as Emma Watson ( as Belle) and Dan Stevens (as the beast). There are some difference between the live action and the cartoon version. the live action is darker than the cartoon version, and there are slight difference of the characters because of character development. but beyond that, the great costume design plus the set design add to the movie’s delight.

For this movie, I give 5 out of 5 rating. Why? the storyline is deeper than the cartoon version, and the similarity between the live action and cartoon are 90%. the soundtrack were good, and I just love how Emma Watson portrayed Belle who is smart, family oriented, and longing for adventure. Belle inspires girls as she is brave, smart, independent, and fearless. and i also loves other characters like Cogsworth, Lumiere, Mrs.Potts and other who stays in the Beast’s palace when they are still under the spell.

Fora disney enthusiast like me, who watches Disney Princesses since I am very small, I have to say that it was beyond my expectations. So guys, I think you should watch the movie because it’s so good!



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