International Women’s Day

hey guys…
today, March 8th, 2017 is known as the International Women’s Day. the International womens day was established more than 100 years ago to highlight the manifold inequality and injustice faced by women around the world and fights for women’s right. the theme for this year’s women’s day is #BeBoldforChange, and it is celebrated all around the world. But this raises a question, should girls be feminists?

International Women's Day

The short answer is: Yes.
Feminism has evolved into a very controversial subject, thanks to people who have distorted its meaning. The very idea of feminism has been washed out and replaced with a view that feminism means that women should be in control of everything; that feminism is only about women, for women and a movement that degrades the value of men.
Feminism does not mean this! Feminism is about ensuring equality. Men and women are both important and feminism does not and should not in any way degrade the role of the other.
Emma Watson, while launching the campaign called HeForShe, beautifully included men in the movement called feminism. She talked about the traditional norms that men/boys are supposed to comply to and in the process diminish their human sides to become aggressive and tough. It is important that men realize that this movement is as much for them as it is for women. Only then will we reach our goal.

For me, feminism is about equality and my religion advocates for my rights. It is the society and not religion that has not treated women equally. Being a feminist does not mean that I will forget my values and modesty.

What do you think?

With love,



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