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Tips for Managing Your Instagram.

Hi, friends!
How are you?

Recently I have been obsessed with organizing my Instagram page and making it look perfect, just the way I want it to be. I’ve come up with a few tips and tricks that I have learned throughout the days of working on my Instragram that I wanted to share with all of you, since organising one’s Instagram page has become popular.


Theme or Concept :
First, before organising your instagram page and feeds, pick on an overall theme or concept for your Instagram feeds that you will use for your posts. the overall theme or concept can be anything that you like. for example, my overall theme or concept for my instagram are artistic, vintage, black & white with simple background and no grids.

Filter :
If you had already picked an overall theme for your feeds, make sure that you uses the filters that goes well with your theme. for example, I use PicsArt for photo editing and they have amazing artistic & vintage filters that goes well with my Instagram feeds’ concept.

Poses :
Each picture should be different. Try to change up the people you’re with, and the types of poses you’re giving in each picture. For example, say you’re with your two best friends in one picture and you’re standing together in-front of a Starbucks. The next picture could be a scenery portrait instead of one with friends to create diversity in your feed. Having too many of the same types of pictures in a row can get boring.

Try not to post too many and don’t use too many filters! The best filter for selfies are the simple ones. Use a brightening feature and a simple filter to catch your viewer’s eye and you should be all set to post!

Remember, these tips and tricks aren’t for everyone. These are just the few things I do to keep my Instagram feed the way I like it. This is supposed to be a fun post, so let me know what you do to make your Instagram the way you like it!




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