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Australian Journal Day 37 : Wominjeka Monash Caulfield

Hey guys!
How are you?

Today I went to the Wominjeka Monash 2017 event. This event is a social event held for Monash students during the orientation week. Wominjeka Monash is an event for food, music and culture, located at the Campus Green, Monash Uni Caulfield campus.


Yups, this was the opening of Wominjeka Monash, but the actual opening is an aboriginal dance. I was amazed, as it is really good and… that was the first time I watched an aboriginal dance performance.


After this aboriginal dance, the students can also explore the campus area as there are a wall climbing game on this event. Many students tried this wall climbing game, but not me…. I’m not into wall climbing, hehehe…


Then the volunteers of this event goes around and gives each student a $5 discount coupon for buying food during the event. I used mine to buy the sandwich at Flipboard cafe inside the Graze on the Green, Monash Caulfield.


Right after I finished eating, the music performance began. I watched the performance, and it’s really good. the one performing is from Monash’s Sir Zellman Cowell School of Music students.

Overall, this event has been a good experience for me.
How’s your O-Week experience at your university?




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