Cherish Those Little Things.

Don’t feel sorry…
for the chirp of the birds in the morning,
for the warmth of the sun shines through your curtain,
for hot chocolate in cold, rainy days,
for blankets during movie nights,
for music during lonely times,
for friends who bring you laughter,
for good music with good lyrics,
for unexpected visits and surprises,
for chocolates at midnight,
for hands that hold yours,
for strong, loving arms that keep you close,
for a heart,
to which you come home.

I thank you
for our talks during rainy days,
for chocolates you discreetly delivered at nights,
for the food we ate,
for the stories we shared,
for the tears we shed,
for taking turns in making phone calls,
for the way you sound in the morning,
for the unexpected Saturday night dates,
for being a great friend,
for being a great person,
for being strong,
And also,
for the love you had for me and I for you,
For all the good times,
I’d treasure.

Melbourne, Feb 20th, 2017.



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