Those People…

Hey, guys. Ah, it’s a beautiful day. Everything has been going pretty normal for you so far. You’re smiling, you’re content.

You make yourself a nice cup of hot cocoa, make yourself comfortable on your bed, and pull your laptop out to see what’s new online.
And BAM! There it is. That sarcastic, awful, mean comment . . . about you! Suddenly your cocoa doesn’t taste that savory anymore, and all you want to do is yell a thousand words into the ear of that person.

As a blogger you’ve got to develop some pretty thick skin. As a matter of fact, when you’re in a very “popular” position on any social media site, you’ve got to have thick skin. Hundreds of people are going to have opinions about you and your work – some are sweet, others are constructive, some are sarcastic, there’s passive-agressive, and then there’s plain rude, mean, and unnecessary.

I’ve been a blogger for about 3 years or more now, and I’ve learned to ignore … to turn the other cheek. But I want you to know that if you see something that you believe is unacceptable and uncalled for, do not hesitate to stand up for yourself or others. Their ignorance should make you pity them.

The internet, school, work, life in general is going to hurl a ton of pinballs at you, and it’s up to you to know how you’re going to deal with them. Agree?





4 thoughts on “Those People…

  1. Keep up developing ur own blog with ur own thought kak! Wish u gain that “popular” position on any media social site with ur own hard work! Keep fighting!!!


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