Let It Be.

Let’s have it for you who have made it this far, who have been pushing yourselves to the limit, who have been fighting and telling yourselves that this can’t be it yet, you have to keep going. Let’s have it for you who have been looking everywhere for your passion, and for you who have been fighting for it. Let’s have it for you who justify your strength for not letting sleep and Netflix and your mom’s special burritos get in the way, who befriend all those caffeine you never thought you’d be chugging every night, who do all this for your mom and/or dad and/or your dreamy old-but-gold Mini Cooper hanging in your private condo’s garage, or for “the tan in your left hand where your fourth finger meets your knuckle” (Ed “Wordsmith” Sheeran, 201x), in the future, either way or all of them’s fine, we gotta dream big don’t we. Or for the sake of self-actualization, to prove everybody wrong, to be so strong, to break out the stigma. Let’s have it for your battle. Let’s have it for your tired, exhausted, drained, worn out mind and body; you all are warriors. For the early AMs you spend not dreaming but crying; you all are your own heroes. The best kinds.

Let’s have it for the hearts who have learnt their lessons, both in the best ways or the worst ways; either way, may peace be with us eventually. Let’s have it for you who have been struggling to forgive, to befriend the past, to find your lost self and to love it again. Let’s have it for the lifetime treasure: the friendships that last and for the friends who stay; do you know that I thank God for y’all every day? For the friends who take good pictures of you, who give you piggy back rides, who listens to your venting, who let you have their last bite of everything. Let’s have it for the shoulders we lend and/or we get to cry on, for nights filled with deep thoughts, all kinds of thoughts. Let’s have it for free food and free drinks and free everything. For every walk home walked together, every open doors (literally and metaphorically speaking), every (long) drive home, every backups you get especially when you got bailed on your own lunch money, for every effort not to let them down and not to make them hurt.

Last but not least, let’s have it for you who put feelings into everything; that’s right, let’s have it for every feelings we stir our drinks with. It’s not like it’s wrong, if life’s an orchestra we just play our compositions differently. Which can be a problem because not everybody coincide with difference accordingly/nicely, so that’s why we build our own armours. That’s who we are, by the way, angels dressed in armours, just like Buble says.

Let’s have it, everyone.
Let’s have it.





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