Random Thoughts

Getting Through the Worst.

Hi guys!

In life, sometimes things didn’t go as well as it planned.
And all of us, we’ve all been through the  hard times.
And we’ve all learnt to get through it, despite your feelings.


When you’re going through something hard, talk to someone. No, it’s not silly to be stressing over losing a friend over a little argument. It’s not stupid to be crying due to the amount of stress being thrown upon you. Whether it’s something big or small, bottling your worries up is never the answer.

We all go through something bad. You can’t avoid it. But it can be dealt with in the end. Let the past go and carry on with your lives. Think of all the good memories, never the bad. If you’re staying up at night, pondering over something that happened a year ago, think to yourself: can you find any good out of that? Was it really that bad?

Speaking to people not only makes you feel better about yourself, but it makes you realise things you never would have thought about before. Express your emotions, let it all out. Try your best and never give up. Determination is what would get you through something difficult.
People do care about you, and people will listen to you. If you think you cannot help, please talk to a relative, family friend, a teacher or whoever you are close to.
Don’t hesitate. Get through it.

Your one and only,


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