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Traveling Tips.

Hi guys!
As you guys knew, I love to travel, and it’s my dream to travel around the world, someday in the future.
Today, I wanna share my travel tips for you.

Always bring extra clothes. You might not think anything unexpected can happen, but trust me it can and it’s better safe than sorry, right?

Never forget your phone charger. Before you leave, you should check to see if anything is missing, and you should make sure that all of you communication devices have chargers and are fully charged before you fly.

Make sure you bring something to entertain yourself with during the plane ride.
Don’t you just hate being in an airplane for god knows how long and having nothing else to do but to sleep? Make sure you bring things like crosswords, games, or just download some games on your phone that don’t require wi-fi or cell signal. Or you can always just bring your MP3 or iPod and listen to some music.

Maps! Be sure to carry at least one map of the place you are going to, even if you think you already know where you are going. Unless you completely trust your guiding abilities.

Try not to exceed the weight limit on your luggage!
Trust me, you really don’t want to pay an extra amount of money for exceeding the weight limit of your luggage…I’ve done it before, and I hate clearing out some stuffs from my suitcase so I wouldn’t exceed the weight limit!

So these are my 5  tips for safe and comfortable traveling.



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