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Guide for Beginners in Reading.

Hey, guys.

who loves to read? And I bet, there’s a beginner who wanna start reading. It is never too late to start reading. Whether you are 10, 15, 25 or even 40, you can always try starting exploring the wonderful worlds in written words.


If you want to start reading, now is the great time. But here’s some advice I found helpful when starting (getting back to, actually) reading:

  • The very 1st book you read is really important. If you start with wrong book, you might get disappointed and discouraged. If you, however, start with right one, you will be drawn to read more.
  • No need to buy books or join the library if you are a beginner. Instead, ask a friend or cousin who knows you well to borrow you some of their books – their recommendation might be really helpful, especially if they know you well.
  • Experiment with genres. You need to find what you truly enjoy, so try reading books by different authors and genres, that way you can realize what fits you best.
  • Local library is a great place to hunt for books. Not only they will offer you a huge variety of books, the librarian might recommend a book they think you will enjoy.
  • Visit some online forums or blogs for book recommendations. You might find some really useful info from people that have read the books. Watch out for spoilers though.
  • Some books you will be able to read in one sitting, and for some, it will take you a while to finish it. No need to rush yourself, just read at your own pace.
  • If you read 2-5 books, and realize reading just isn’t for you, it is ok. Go back to things you truly enjoy.

Hope this quick guide helps you in reading, guys!
Let’s start reading!



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