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Currently Listening : Melodies of Life from Final Fantasy 9


Hi guys, how are you?
Currently, i love listening to the “Melodies of Life” song above. This song is the theme song of the Final Fantasy IX game. What do you think about the song?

I’ve been a Final Fantasy game lover since…2014 maybe? And the first Final Fantasy game that I played was the Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles for Nintendo DS and I love it. My favorite character from this Japanese RPG series are : Tifa Lockheart (from Final Fantasy 7), Princess Garnet (from Final Fantasy 9), and Squall Leonhart (from Final Fantasy 8) and Zidane (from Final Fantasy 9).

Now, I’m waiting for the release of the latest Final Fantasy mobile game, Mobius Final Fantasy which will be released tomorrow. I’ll post the gameplay spoiler and review tomorrow 🙂

See you later, guys!


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