30 Day Challenge

30 Day Challenge Day 30 : Something you’re excited about.

Hai guys!
Finally, here are the last topic for my 30 day challenge. It’s been really fun and enjoyable for me. This challenge let me to express my thoughts on many different topics, and the best part was that I always had something to write about during these past 29 days. So, cheers to day 30.

One thing that I’m excited for would be… My future. I can’t wait to be what I dream of becoming. And I know I’ll get there, for sure. It’ll be a long ride full of obstacles, which I prefer to think of as challenges. My level of maturity, responsibility, commitment, consistency, and persistence will be tested. I’m going to have to work hard, pray hard, and most importantly, be smart. I’ll fight for what I believe and what I want, and I’ll make sure that nobody is going to get in my way. It’s all going to be worthwhile in the end. And it all starts now. So, wish me luck 🙂

By the way, thanks to those of you who have read my 30 day challenge posts, especially those who gave me some feedback. Means a lot. Even though the challenge is over, I’m gonna keep writing. Wait up for the next post 🙂



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