30 Day Challenge · Daily Life

30 Day Challenge Day 20 : Your fears.

Hi guys!
how are you?

In today’s topic,I’m going to list my fears. Here are a few of them :

Ending up alone
Well, I guess this could be a common one. I don’t think I will be, but then I get down on myself sometimes and think that I won’t find someone who wants to put up with me forever, and vice versa. And with my ability to sometimes push people away, I don’t see how this is unlikely to happen. But the only way to deal with this one is to be optimistic and let time run its course. And of course, be nice to people around me. Especially those I love and those who love me.

Not making it to my dream career
Well, I think most of you know my dream of becoming a great journalist and writer. I’m terrified that I won’t be able to get to the position I’d like to be in. But again, only time will tell on that one. They key is to work hard, pray, and believe.

But my biggest fear of all fears is regret. What keeps me wide awake sometimes at night is the thought that I might look back on my life and wonder, “what if?” and I think it’s important to note that my definition of “regret” may differ from the common perception. I’m not saying that I’m afraid of making mistakes (that would be so irrational of me). There will always be things that I look back on and wish I hadn’t said or done, but that is totally natural. Making mistakes is a part of the growing process, one that is especially important during our teen years. But true regret results when we do not forgive ourselves and do not learn from our mistakes.

That’s a few of my fears. btw, what’s yours?

Your one and only,




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