30 Day Challenge · Daily Life

30 Day Challenge Day 19 : 5 items that you lust after.

Hi guys!

In today’s challenge i wanna point out that ‘lust’ here means strongly desire. Here are 5 items that I’m lust after :

1. I really want to travel around the world. Whenever I go on a trip somewhere, I feel more connected to the world than ever. I want to enjoy and experience the culture, food, sights and people.


2. A keyboard because I love music.


3. A cozy reading spot with a lot of spaces to store my books. I really love to read.


4. A mini pomeranian. As you know, pomeranian is a cute dog, and I love it. and i have a desire to keep one in the future 🙂


5. No caption needed for this one, right? I love brownies and milk.


so, yeah… here are 5 items that i lust.
What’s yours? share in the comment, ok?

See you later guys!


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