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Suck it up.

Do you constantly feel like there is a cloud, a storm of misery on your shoulders, weighing down your whole life?
You try to hide it. You get up every morning, gathering up the courage to get yourself through with the day. You fake a smile every now and then. You create a list of positive affirmations. You write them down and repeat them religiously – even in front of the mirror. You try really hard to shower yourself with positivity.

Things start to get better for a while. You feel different. You think to yourself, I can finally see that light at the end of the tunnel. But as you try to proceed with your new, carefree and positive spirit, your inability to stay consistent brings you back to your previous self. You return from your momentary lapse of reality. The illusion you’ve temporarily come across is shattered and it’s back to square one. You have to face the fact that your life is just plain miserable. But is it?

Try to compare what you’re going through with the lives of one third of the world’s population who live in conflict-affected low-income countries? You can see them almost everyday on your television screens. How unfortunate mothers would run across shelled streets to get food, how children play football in among the mortared remains of empty buildings. Living in a world with a backdrop of gunfire and sirens making their ears ring. And you complain about not being able to stop the voices in your head, while it is actually quite clear that you have the control keep up the negative thoughts, or simply try your hardest to silence it.

Because unlike the ill-fated bunch that were previously mentioned, you have always been given a choice to take charge of your life. Whether you decide to take the wheel and steer or simply turn a blind eye to those choices, it is really up to you.

It is these mistakes in thinking that we tend to subconsciously make most of the time, causing us to have a negative take on life. The truth is if you’re reading this right now, you’re definitely doing better than a lot of people in this world.

Be the kind of person who doesn’t complain, suck it up and keep moving forward because that’s the best option.
You are alive. At this very moment, as you are looking at this – whether through your desktop, your smartphone, or any other kind of screen in front of you – you are reading, thinking, breathing, and you are perfectly fine. Remember to be grateful for all the things you do have while you still do.



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