30 Day Challenge · Daily Life · Music

30 Day Challenge Day 10 : Put your music player on shuffle and write 10 songs that play.

    1. Curhat buat Sahabat by Dee Lestari
    2. Mae Shika Mukanee by AKB48
    3. Namida no Regret by SCANDAL
    4. Saat Teduh by Monita Tahalea
    5. Hai by Monita Tahalea
    6. Colors of the Wind by Connie Talbot
    7. Tegar by Rossa


  1. Firework by Katy Perry
  2. RIVER by JKT48
  3. Beginner by JKT48

If these 10 songs were put together in a playlist, it’ll be kind of weird.
Have a nice day, guys! ^-^



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