30 Day Challenge · Daily Life

30 Day Challenge Day 7 : Five Pet Peeves..

For those of you who do not know what pet peeves are, let me explain it: A pet peeve is an experience caused by your surroundings that really annoys you. So here are my five pet peeves:

  1. Stupidity and any form of it.
  2. I can’t stand anything that’s being rushed. I like to take my time in doing things. As far as I’m concerned, rushing won’t result in anything good.
  3. People who invite me somewhere and then cancel the plan without a good reason.
  4. People who turn on their music too loud. sometimes I just need a bit of quietness.
  5. Tables at restaurants that are next to the restrooms. Like ew.. I don’t want to look at and think about people going to the bathroom while I eat.

What’s your pet peeves?
share in the comment, ok?
see you later!

Your one and only,


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