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30 Day Challenge – Day 2 : Something I feel strongly about

I feel strongly about respect, attitude, and manners that people possess. I think it is so important to know your manners and have a good attitude. Have you ever encountered someone who likes to make offensive jokes, have boisterous and louder-than-nomral conversations, or kids that run around, yelling and screaming uncontrollably? Whether we are adapted to such behavior or we become so easy on manners, we tend to do nothing during such situations. How can you expect anyone to respect you if you’re rude and treat them inappropriately? I guess I care this much because even the ones close to me have treated me that way without realizing it and I don’t want to do that to anyone intentionally; it hurts a lot. Somehow, the world is being overtaken by rudeness and we seem to choose not to do anything about it.
Respect is something to be earned, and I think every person should do what it takes to get the respect they deserve. Everyone deserves some form of respect, no matter where you come from, how old you are, where you studied, or what job you have. You can be 2 years old or the CEO of a company, it doesn’t matter. Treating others with respect will help you be successful throughout life. Unless, they have disrespected you in the first place. Now that’s a different story.
But in general, good manners are what make life easier and more pleasant. You can show others that you have manners through simple actions such as saying “please” or “thank you”. After all, we share this planet. So it’s only appropriate that we share some simple approaches to living on it that benefit as many people as possible.

Your one and only,


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