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Pick One – Picked!

Hi guys!

Thanks for all of your Pick One questions! There were some really interesting ones, and I will try picking one to as many I can. Here are my picks for your questions :

Jadi blogger / Jadi novelis? Jadi blogger, tapi juga pengen jadi novelis.
Nyanyi / Dance? Nyanyi.
Main game / baca buku ? baca buku.
Yuko Oshima / Kashiwagi Yuki? Yuko Oshima. soalnya dia keren banget!
Silent Siren / SNSD? Silent Siren, soalnya aku sukanya J-Pop.
Menyayangi / disayangi? Menyayangi karena dengan kita menyayangi orang lain, kita bisa disayangi juga.
Soto Padang / Nasi Goreng? Soto Padang, soalnya enak. Apalagi kalau dimakan sama nasi hangat.
John Green / Suzanne Collins? John Green. soalnya novelnya keren-keren.
Nonton film AADC 2 / Nonton film Refrain? Nonton film AADC 2. Soalnya penasaran banget sama ceritanya.
Nonton My Little Pony/ Nonton sinetron? Nonton My Little Pony, karena aku PegaSister!
Koleksi sepatu / koleksi figurin My Little Pony? Koleksi sepatu.
Rusuhin orang / Dirusuhin orang? Rusuhin orang, karena sebenernya aku suka iseng 🙂

here is the video of this Pick One :

That’s all of my picks for your questions… Sorry i can’t answer all of your questions 😦 So in case I didn’t answer yours, feel free to visit and ask me anything in my ‘ask me’ page.
Thanks guys!



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