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Your Questions Answered

Hi, guys!
Thank you so much for all of your questions. There were some really interesting ones, and I will try answering to as many I can. Here are the answers to your questions :

Kania – what is the most precious object you own?
My butterfly necklace. it was a special gift from my friend.

qinthara96 – Hi, Via! why do you want to be a blogger?
Hi, Qinthara! I always want to be a blogger because I wanna share my thoughts and stories as a teenage girl and I wanna inspire and motivates people through my posts.

qinthara96 – where do you get those amazing inspirational ideas and thoughts to share with us?
Well, I get some from my experience, some from stuff I read online, music, movies, etc.

Vanya – Do you enjoy your life and study in Aussie? what do you usually do on the weekend?
yeah, I enjoy my life and study here. Usually, I just go to the city central or nearby shopping mall for some refreshing and sometimes.. I go shopping!

Runna – what inspire you to start writing?
The thing that inspires me to start writing are the Indonesian film ‘Ada Apa Dengan Cinta’ and reading Luna Torashyngu, Ilana Tan, John Green, JK Rowling, and Suzanne Collin’s novel. I started writing because I want to be a writer someday 🙂

Kania- what is your biggest dream?
My biggest dream is to be a journalist and a writer. writing has been my passion since high school.
gabytrivani – besides writing, what is your other hobbies?
I love singing and dancing. My favorite kind of dance is J-Pop dance and I love to sing different genres but I prefer pop and jazz songs!

P.S : here’s the video version of this Q n A!

That’s all! I’m sorry I couldn’t answer all of your questions, some were redundant and some were kinda confusing. So in case I didn’t answer yours, feel free to visit and ask me anything in my ‘ask me’ page.

Thanks and see you later guys!



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