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Q&A Time!

Hi, guys…
It can happen even to best ones, so no wonder that me, as a  blogger, stumbled upon this problem – a writer’s block, as they say, it is.
A complete lack of ideas about what to write. As the week was coming to the end, and I haven’t submitted any post, I started to panic. I always want to be a blogger. I want to write interesting posts. I want people reading and commenting on my posts. But again, that annoying writer’s block.

I am sure it won’t last forever, and I will soon come up with some idea regarding what to write about. But until then, I want to give you a chance to get to know me better. So I will be having a little Q & A, where you, readers, will have a chance to ask me some questions.

I will choose the most interesting ones and reply to them. Though this is a chance to know me better, I will not answer questions that are too personal or I don’t feel so comfortable answering.
So ask away, and I am really looking forward to your questions. Until then, I will try working on getting my writer’s block gone.

See you later guys!


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