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Australian Journal Day 9 : Food!

Hi, guys…

As I told in my recent Australian journals, I lived in a student apartment near to my campus.  everybody have to cook their own meals here… Nah I wanna share some food that I cooked here!

The first one is fried udon.

This is the easiest to make. and i add vegetables to it so it will be tastier and healthier. It’s so yummy!

The second one is carbonara spaghetti.

This one is also easy to make. I didn’t add vegetables and cooked it separately because it will ruin the taste of the spaghetti. and I use the instant carbonara sauce for this one… it’s so yummy >_<

The third one is waffles.


a perfect food for lunch or dinner. usually, I just toast them in the toaster and eat them with maple syrup.


What’s your favorite food guys?


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