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Wonderful Life


Hi, guys!
How are you?
This morning, I woke up from an amazing dream. And even I tried so hard holding to the dream, going back to sleep and continuing it, it just wouldn’t happen. Well, at least, it may inspire some of my daydreaming. Then I went outside, to realize the weather was beautiful, sunny and warm. I enjoyed feeling sun on my skin. I enjoyed the smell of spring. As I sat on a terrace to have a cup of coffee and enjoy the beautiful day, my cat jumped into my lap and started purring softly.

This morning started beautifully for me. It made me realize – life is good. Life is beautiful. And life is worth living. Granted, there won’t be always sunny days, and beautiful dreams, but the point is finding something beautiful in each day. Whether it is the newest episode of your favorite TV show, the delicious piece of cake you just ate, a nice message from your friend, a smile from stranger… It doesn’t take much to be happy. It may sound like a cliche, but even small things can make us feel good.

And in case dark clouds come, bad things happen, you feel sad, hopeless, empty… Don’t worry. It will pass. Because nothing lasts forever, neither the biggest happiness, but also the worst days. Things will work out at the end. Just have faith.


keep your faith and spirit, guys!
See you later!


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