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Australian Journal Day 8 : Shopping Time & Cold Nights

Hi, guys…
how are you?

Today I went to the Chadstone shopping centre for some shopping. I bought several things but mostly I’m looking for winter gear.. (now in Melbourne is already fall and.. soon winter will come) so yeah, I bought a winter hoodie in Uniqlo.

then I bought some stackable desk organiser from Daiso. after that I had lunch… at that time in the food court it was so crowded.. and I asked the two girls I met to sit with them and they say ok.. so yeah, I spent my lunch together with them and we became friends.. 🙂
after that, I went home, but when I arrived I realised that I forgot to do my grocery shopping. oh man! But it’s okay because I still have quite a lot of foods… I’m safe 🙂

And my days in Melbourne is going well. I feel that I love this town already….I love the quietness of the town and the friendliness of the local people in this town. even though sometimes the weather is really cold at night  (it’s already fall here, so sometimes the weather is so cold) … like tonight. when it is so cold, I love to drink a glass of warm milo and eating some light snack to warm up myself.

see you later guys!
miss you….


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