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Australian Journal Day 7 : Uni started!

hi guys!
how are you?

today i started my first day at the university in Caulfield campus. when i see the campus, i stood up in awe. The campus is quite big (but it’s not as big as Clayton campus, so it’s easier for me to find my way to my classes).

here’s the pic of my campus :

Caulfield Campus

And in my first lecture class, the students are 80% local/ european students. and it’s only me and my friend Billa who are Indonesian. but i enjoyed the class.

the Uni uses the moving class system, so today after my first lecture (which is in Building H), i had to find my way to the B building to attend my next lecture. believe it or not, i was kinda lost in the B building, just looking for the lift. luckily i can find the way to the classroom. but… when i came in the room, the lecture was already started (so yeah, i was late for several minutes but it’s ok)

after the class finished, i went home to my apartment to have lunch. (i live in a student flat / apartment near the campus). then i go to Uni again for my tutorial. and the tutor asks us to introduce ourselves.

“ hello, my name is Levina, you can call me Via. I’m 20 and i’m from Indonesia. I see myself in 10 years to be a magazine journalist and fiction writer. and i’m really glad to be here. i hope that i can make most out of my Uni life here and bring back lots of good memories and experiences home. thanks!”

then we were split into groups and were given a news quiz (quiz based on recent Australian news).
we answered and then after the discussion, we got 6 out of 10 points (which is not bad) and my team has to make questions for the next week’s news quiz.

but overall, it has been a good experience for me…
the class, the friends and the environment…
See u later guys!



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