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Australian Journal : Day 4, 5 & 6 – Exploring the city and laundry day


Ga kerasa yah hari ini udah hari keenamku di Melbourne! 2 hari kemarin, aku sama mamaku went exploring the city. Pertama kita naik train ke Flinders Street dan jalan-jalan di sana. When we exit the flinders street station, Terus kita ke store IKEA di daerah Richmond. Kesananya naik tram. One thing that i love about Melbourne is the people. People in here is really helpful to newcomers. I asked several times and they answered nicely. ( mulai post ini aku bakal sering post pakai English)

After we bought several items that I need, we go back to my apartment. We catch a tram and then we catch the train again.

Here is a pic of my dorm :

My apartment is a single room with ensuite bathroom and as u can see in the picture, here I use 2 kinds of blanket : quilt and ordinary blanket because sometimes it’s really cold at night.

And I also did my laundry by myself. I hand wash all my clothes and dried them in the drying machine.

And here’s the pic of the laundry room :

See u later guys, don’t forget to comment!



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