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Success vs. Failure

We all have times in our lives when we succeed at the things we try, and we also have times when we fail. The question is, should we be upset at our failures? I say no! Making mistakes is just a natural step in the process that leads to success. If you try to see your failures as positive experiences, you might find that the path to success gets a lot more fun!

Treat your goals as a journey!
When you set out to do something, the end product isn’t the most important thing – the way you get there is! It is important to make mistakes, because you will learn from them and get better at what you want to do. If you make a lot of mistakes on the way to your goal, you will have grown as a person by the time you get there!

Don’t get discouraged!
Mistakes and failures can be seen as a positive! Every time you reach your goals with no mistakes, you miss out on learning those extra skills that will help you in other situations. What’s more, if you fail several times on your journey but carry on, you will feel even more proud and satisfied when you succeed!

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